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About Silverkeep

The Charter


Silverkeep is a social-kin for casual & raider players alike. We hold daily skirmish fellowships at all levels, share items freely between Kin members and give assistance on questing and game-play. Come experience the epic of LOTRO together with us. Greet players and make harmonious fellowships, share your items, make our kin grow, while maintaining the feel of a family.


Silverkeep was founded June 19th 2011 on the Vilya server. This server is named after the Ring of Air, the mightiest of the Three Rings of the Elves, owned first by Gil-galad, who later gave it to Elrond. Made of gold and set with a large sapphire, it helps Elrond preserve the beauty of Rivendell.

The Code of Conduct


  1. Use of swearing in Kin chat or any game related voice communications is forbidden.
  2. Members of the Kin are required to show due respect to each other at all times.
  3. Members agree to behave in a manner that does not embarrass or dishonour the Kinship.
  4. Kin chat may not be used to advertise the sale of items, or to make requests for money. Please use Trade or other user created channels.
  5. Trade between Kin members is encouraged. Most Kin members offer their services free of any charge. If you want a Kin craftsmen to fashion an item for you it is polite to offer to provide the mats.
  6. On Raids, Skirmishes and Instances the Raid/Fellowship leader is responsible to set the looting rules and inform the members of what they are. Kin members that do not wish to abide by the loot rules are free to leave without penalty before the action begins.


A Company of Equals


Within the Kin no one member is exalted above another. We are a company of equals sharing our common enjoyment of the game. Kin activities are not compulsory, other than the code of conduct that we all agree and adhere to, no Kin member may place undue expectations on another to provide assistance within the game. Kin members help and assist each other because they choose to.


Recruit to Member


Recruits joining the kin can expect a trial period of up to 30 days before being granted full membership to the kin. During this trial period the Leader or Officers may decide for early elevation to Kin membership based on the following;


  • Friendliness in Kin chat with other members.
  • Participation in kin events, parties, etc.
  • Conduct in the field during Skirmishes, Raids, Fellowship Quests.
  • Participation in the online forums.


In Game Roles


Within the Kin the following roles are preformed by the membership the are as follows.


Kin Members


Membership in the Kin is an agreement to enjoy the fellowship and company of other Kin members in the pursuit of common goals within the game. This can include Quests, Instances, Raids, crafting advice, Gameplay mentoring, Kin events and any other pursuits between members. The member is the backbone of the Kin and each member has an equal say in the direction and decision making of the Kin.


It has been a long standing tradition of Silverkeep that "The Kin Decides". The Kin membership must affirm and support each election of a member to the rank of Officer or Successor. The corollary of this must be that the Kin has the right to change it's leadership if it has cause to do so. The membership may petition the Leader for change if they can show reasonable cause.


Any kin member may opt to organize a Kin activity simply by getting the agreement of other Kin members to participate, The sanction of the Leader or the Officers, while encoraged, is not required.




The role of Officer within the Kin falls into two general categories in the context of the game. The Officer agrees to be responsible for recruiting new members into the Kin, and to remind members from time to time of their responsibility to uphold the code of conduct. Along with these two roles an Officer retains all the rights of membership. Officers are drawn from the general membership by the Leader and must be affirmed by the membership. The number of officers at any one time is the Leader's perogative.




The Successor is an officer position with an added responsibility. The Successor must be prepared to take over the leadership of the Kin and should meet the requirements of the leadership role. The Leader is responsible for nominating potential candidates for the Succesor position and the membership must affirm this prior to the Successor being installed




The Leader is the in-game manager of the Kin. The Leader manages permissions in the Kin House and the Leader installs members as either Officers or the Successor. While the Leader posesses absolte authority over the Kin membership according to the in-game mechanics, the Leader needs to agree to be bound by the Code of Conduct and the traditions of the Kin. It would be wise to ensure that any member in consideration to be made the Successor agrees to this. For potential leadership candiates, remembering that you are the servant of the Kin rather than its master is the correct mind set for this position. Straying from this course, while acceptable in the context of the game rules, should not be done lightly by any member exercising the leadership role.


A member becomes Leader by being made Successor and assuming the leadership either as a result of the previous Leader's resignation, or by exercising the usurp option if the Leader leaves the game.


The Inactivity Rule


Any member that is inactive for 30 days is deemed inactive and will be removed from the Kin membership. It is the Leader's responsibility to acarry out this function. Exceptions can be made if a member posts a notice to the Leader of outlining the reasons for thier long term abscence and when they can reasonbly be expected to return.


The Right of Return


Any Kin member that leaves the Kin on good terms may be readmitted by any Officer. The Kin may designate departed members as "expelled" by a vote of affirmation. Expelled members may not be readmitted until the Kin lifts the Ban


Alts in Kin


Once a person is made a full member of the Kin, they may initiate their alts into the kin as members also.

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