Silvervault Logo

Silvervault (Todestomper)

Established : July 2012

Function : Storage and distribution of class quest items.

Consumables : None

                                                     Previous names : n/a                                                  Previous organisers : n/a


Receives, stores and can be requested 

Major class quest items

Badge of Command-icon.pngMedallion of Passage-icon.pngRune of Winged Dominance-icon.pngSigil of War-icon.pngBloodstained Tally Stick-icon.png

Minor Class Quest Items

Corrosive Droplets-icon.pngUnyielding Drake Scale-icon.pngHooked Warg Claw-icon.pngRotted Barghest Paw-icon.pngClouded Worm Eye-icon.png

A full list of major and minor class quest items can be found here.