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Silverstones (Hathmorn)

Established : April 2012

Function : Storage and distribution of jeweller items.

Consumables : Edelharn Tokens

                                                     Previous names : n/a                                                  Previous organisers : Faelor


Receives, stores and can be requested 

'Precious' Ores

Chunk of Copper Ore-icon.pngChunk of Gold Ore-icon.pngChunk of Platinum Ore-icon.pngChunk of Ancient Silver Ore-icon.pngChunk of Khazâd-copper Ore-icon.pngChunk of Khazâd-gold Ore-icon.png

'Precious' Ingots

Copper Ingot-icon.pngGold Ingot-icon.pngPlatinum Ingot-icon.pngAncient Silver Ingot-icon.pngKhazâd-copper Ingot-icon.pngKhazâd-gold Ingot-icon.png

'Non precious' ores and ingots can be sent to Silverforge or Silverweapon

Raw Gems

Agate-icon.pngAmethyst-icon.pngBloodstone-icon.pngOpal-icon.pngRuby-icon.pngSapphire-icon.pngAdamant-icon.pngBeryl-icon.pngMoonstone-icon.pngAquamarine-icon.pngDawn-rose-icon.pngGreen Garnet-icon.pngRed Agate-icon.png

Processed Gems

Polished Agate-icon.pngPolished Amethyst-icon.pngPolished Bloodstone-icon.pngPolished Opal-icon.pngPolished Ruby-icon.pngPolished Sapphire-icon.pngPolished Adamant-icon.pngPolished Beryl-icon.pngPolished Moonstone-icon.pngPolished Aquamarine-icon.pngPolished Dawn-rose-icon.pngPolished Green Garnet-icon.pngPolished Red Agate-icon.png

Critical Ingredients

Chunk of Grey Rock-salt-icon.pngChunk of White Rock-salt-icon.pngChunk of Clear Rock-salt-icon.pngChunk of Yellow Rock-salt-icon.pngChunk of Blue Rock-salt-icon.pngChunk of Pink Rock-salt-icon.pngBit of Pure Calenard-icon.pngMaster Jeweller's Journal-icon.png
Or send jeweller journal's to Silverscholar

Single Use Recipes and Jeweller Scroll Cases

Apprentice Jeweller Recipe-icon.pngJeweller Scroll Case (rare)-icon.png

Single uses Jeweller recipes and Jeweller Scroll cases


























Does not take

Apprentice Jeweller Recipe-icon.pngFile:Agate Flint Rune-stone-icon.pngAmethyst Ring of Morale-icon.pngBarstool-icon.pngPiece of Uncooked Bacon-icon.png

Standard Jeweller Recipes, Common low grade jewellery items or drops. Items not related to jewellery,

These items will be vendored and G put towards running costs.

Can make on request 

Etched Beryl Earring of Precision-icon.pngEtched Beryl Ring of Tactics-icon.pngEtched Beryl Flint Rune-stone-icon.pngEngraved Beryl Brooch of Rage-icon.png

'Blue' Crit crafted jewellery items.RK rune stones, LM Brooches


Lists on Kin Auction House

 Glossy Edhelharn Token-icon.png