Silvershop Logo

Silvershop (Optar)

Established : April 2012

Function : Storage of rep items, buffs and items with no associated craft.

Consumables : Rep items, task items, buffs

Previous names : n/a                                                  Previous organisers :Adraliana, Illechilde


Receives, stores, can be requested and lists on Kin AH

Reputation Items

Well-kept Mathom-icon.pngCardolan-trinket-icon.pngWar Dispatch-icon.pngLossoth Spear-head-icon.pngBlack Badge-icon.pngFirst Age Relic-icon.pngCracked Dwarf Tablet-icon.pngPurple Crystal Lamp Fragment-icon.pngWorn Dwarf Carving-icon.pngOrc Battle-medallion-icon.pngElvish Relic-icon.png

Buff Items

Tome of Initiate Offence-icon.pngOut-of-Combat Regen Tome (90 min)-icon.pngTome of Burst of Hope-icon.pngEnhanced XP Supply-icon.png

'Nice' items that do not have a home in shops elsewhere

Paper Sheet 1 (rare)-icon.pngMap to Evendim - Eavespires-icon.pngMap to Hadudbab-icon.pngInfused Garnet-icon.png

















Does not take

Polished Scale (Pocket)-icon.pngBarstool-icon.pngPiece of Uncooked Bacon-icon.png

Third Age Legendary Items - there are too many to store.

Low value common items, commonly known as 'vendor trash' 

These items will be vendored and G put towards running costs.