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Silversaw (Fusia)

Established : April 2012

Function : Storage and distribution of woodworker items.

Consumables : Captain Emblems, Champ Horns, RK Parchments, Warden Battle Hymns

                                                     Previous names : Silverwoods                      Previous organisers : Mabrien


Receives, stores and can be requested 

Untreated Wood

 Log of Rowan Wood-icon.pngLog of Ash Wood-icon.pngLog of Yew Wood-icon.pngLog of Lebethron Wood-icon.pngLog of Black Ash Wood-icon.pngLog of Ilex Wood-icon.pngLog of Mallorn Wood-icon.pngGnarled Birch Branch-icon.pngLog of Oak Wood-icon.png

Treated Wood

 Plank of Treated Rowan-icon.pngPlank of Treated Ash-icon.pngPlank of Treated Yew-icon.pngPlank of Treated Lebethron-icon.pngPlank of Treated Black Ash-icon.pngPlank of Treated Ilex-icon.pngPlank of Treated Mallorn-icon.pngThin Birch Board-icon.pngThin Oak Board-icon.png

Critical Ingredients

 Drop of Sticky Resin-icon.pngDrop of Ashy Resin-icon.pngDrop of Amber Resin-icon.pngDrop of Black Resin-icon.pngDrop of Soft Resin-icon.pngDrop of Hard Resin-icon.pngBirch Sapwood Branch-icon.pngOak Sapwood Branch-icon.pngMaster Journeyman Woodworker's Journal-icon.png

Journals can also be sent to Silverscholar.

Woodworker Components

 Etched Yew Shaft-icon.pngMallorn Bowstaff-icon.pngReinforced Lebethron Shaft-icon.png

For a complete list see here.

Finished Crit Woodoworker Items, 'Nice' drops

 Bow 1 (incomparable)-icon.pngMinstrel Flute-icon.pngPolished Black Ash Javelin of Menace-icon.pngClub of Valour-icon.pngBow 1 (incomparable)-icon.png

Crit 'blue' and nice 'purple' crafted weapons, instruments  and drops.

Single Use Woodworker Recipes and  Scroll Cases

Master Woodworker Recipe-icon.pngMaster Woodworker Scroll Case-icon.png

Single Use Woodoworker Recipes and Scroll Cases


























Does not take

 Master Woodworker Recipe-icon.pngBlack Ash Spear-icon.pngSpear 2 (common)-icon.pngBarstool-icon.pngPiece of Uncooked Bacon-icon.png

Standard WW Recipes, Common WW items or drops. Items not related to woodworking

These items will be vendored and G put towards running costs.

Can make on request

 Bow 1 (incomparable)-icon.pngMinstrel Flute-icon.pngPolished Black Ash Javelin of Menace-icon.pngEastemnet Spear Carving-icon.pngArtisan Blazoned Crest of Focus-icon.pngChampion Horn-icon.pngGreater Supreme Dagor Infused Parchment-icon.pngRallying Hymn of the White Council-icon.png

Crit 'blue' woodworker crafted items, instruments, Warden Carvings

Captain Emblems, Champion Horns, Rune Keeper Parchments, Warden Battle Hymns

 Lists on Kin Auction House

 Polished Black Ash Javelin of Menace-icon.pngBow 1 (incomparable)-icon.pngClub of Valour-icon.png

Nice blue and purple drops. Other items available on request.