FAQ's for Kinnie's

How do I get Items from Silvershops?

Are there any rules for using the Silvershops ?

How do I post an item to a Silvershop?

I am confused - who receives what and how do I find out?

How do I search for Kin only items on the Kin Auction House (Kin AH)?

Do I have to use Silvershops or can I ask / share in Kinchat?

What kind of things are listed on the Kin Auction House and when are they there?

I want to list something for Kin but I don't run a shop? Is this OK?

I am new and still a 'recruit'. What happens for me?

I like making gold to help my characters, is this OK ?

Do the shops make Gold out of Kin Items?


FAQ's for Shop Owners (Coming Soon......)

How are shop helpers chosen? How do you get to run a shop?

What do I need to have in place to be able to run a shop?

How are shops set up ?

OK I have just taken over a shop, what are the the first things to do ?

What should I list and when?

How often should I check my Silvershop?

Someone has asked for a resource that I have in stacks, how much should I give?

Someone keeps asking for something and says I should have it - basically they are hassling me. What should I do?

Someone has just 'hoovered' up a stack of stuff from Kin AH and taken an unfair share. What should I do?

Hey, this Silvershop thing is good, but it is costing me my own G!! What should I do?

I am going away for a weekend / week so can't list. Is this OK?

I am short of a certain resource, how do I put out an appeal?

Do I have to keep records of what is sold?