What are Silvershops?

Silvershops are the Silverkeep way of sharing nice items, resources and craft items between the Kin. The 'traditional' way of sharing is using a Kin Chest, but this is limited as you can only have a max of 90 items. You also have the disappointment of having to tele or travel to see if something is available, only to find it is not - boo!.

Silvershops are run by Silverkeep Kinnie's and allow for storage of up to over 1200 items. They also allow us to use the in game mailbox and the "kin only" function of the auction house to store and share items in a much more effective way. Every week we often share over 5 pages of items on the Kin Auction House (Kin AH), so that is at least 100+ items and on a kin crafting day we may get 10 + pages - quite a lot more ! :)


How do Silvershops work?

Silverkeep Kinnies can :

  • Send spare resources and items to a Shop to share with kin (rather than vendoring them)
  • Request items to help you craft level. If we have them we will send, if we don't then nothing lost!
  • Request finished items - we like to make nice crit items for Kin! If you can't get something immediately in Kinchat then post the relevant shop. We generally make items up at weekends.
  • Buy things at the weekend from the "Kin Auction House". Just search and tick "Kinship only" to see what we are offering. Kin items are sold at basically free prices - list price + running cost + mats cost.
  • Request class quest items from Silvervault if you are levelling up your "toon".


Each Silvershop does something different. If you know what to post / request it helps us loads. At the moment our current shops are :


SilverbankSilverbank (Out of Service) -High value items for prizes. Gold for kin events. Blue and yellow 58 - 65 LI's for listing on Kin AH. 


SilverchefSilverchef (Out of Service) - Yummmy yummy food, ingredients, crit items and farming  items. 


SilverforgeSilverforge (Out of Service) - Metalsmith items, 'non precious' ores and ingots. i.e. not jeweller stuff. 


SilverwoodsSilversaw (Out of Service) - Woodworker items, wood and planks and consumables for AH. 


SilverscholarSilverscholar (Out of Service) - Scholar items, dyes, scholar consumables for Kin AH. 


SilverweaveSilversew (Alicetastic) - Tailor items, hides, processed leathers.


SilvershopSilvershop (Out of Service) - Rep items and buffs.


SilverstonesSilverstones (Hathmorn) - Jeweller items, tokens for Kin AH consumables and "precious" i.e. jeweller ore and ingots.


SilvervaultSilvervault (Todestomper) - Class quest items major and minor. 


SilverweaponSilverweapons (Out of Service) - Weaponsmith items and components - don't forget the straw for hunter traps !!