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Lord of the Ring

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re: ALL classes, at level 45.

When you turn 45 you can GET YOUR FIRST LEGENDARY ITEMS.
Do this now. How? Run down to Echad Dunnan in Eregion. If you're 45 it could be a little hairy, but stick to the roads and you'll be fine. Get the quest:
Volume II, Book 1: The Walls of Moria, Chapter 1: Strangers in Hollin
No, you do not need to have completed Volume I to start Volume II. In fact, as Volume I used to be the culmination of the entire game back when level cap was 50, it is quite long and involved. The chances that you'll be done with it by now or even by 50 are very slim*. Get your LI's and finish Volume I later, at your leisure.

Do Volume II quests until you get your two LI's and have opened the gates of Moria. After this, go back and do whatever you want. As long as you are getting exp, your LI's are too. The lowest level for LI's that are not your first two is 51, so if you want (and what I will do every time I level another character) you can bank four level 51 LI's to have ready to go the moment you can equip them. It will give you more wiggle/experimenting room. And you will want to experiment! Give yourself the freedom to play around with them.

LI's can be found on the AH, you can pick up the lower level third age ones for a few silver. They also have a chance to drop from all +51 mobs, even those outside of Moria. The easiest Relic & Forge Masters to get to are probably the ones in Thorin's Hall, though there are some in several locations throughout Middle Earth.

If you want to complete the Expedition quests in The Walls of Moria, you will want to bring a friend, otherwise the Volume II quests are completely soloable at 45.

I wish I wish I wish I had known this when I was 45!

*Sorry Tin, I tried. But at level 50 I was doing on-level Volume 1 Book quests, and still had half the Volume to go. I wanted my effing LI's.
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